Nordic Hamstring Lowers – A Magic Pill? [Part 2]

After 7 years of letting this old blog collect dust on the bookshelf of the internet, I wanted to share some additional thoughts. Nordics aren’t magic, they are convenient. They are convenient due to their low technical barrier [everyone can do them with little instruction]. They are convenient in a group setting because you don’tContinue reading “Nordic Hamstring Lowers – A Magic Pill? [Part 2]”

Moving Beyond Submaximal Slow Eccentrics

The term eccentric overload gets tossed around so much that it seems that some are labeling anything eccentric regardless of load or anything that is done on a flywheel device as “eccentric overload”. In reality, most eccentrics done in the weight room are not eccentric overload at all. The term eccentric overload should only beContinue reading “Moving Beyond Submaximal Slow Eccentrics”

Improving Strength and Power in the Weightroom

I feel like this topic has been written about hundreds of times, but I really think with all of the information and content on the internet, misinformation is at an all-time high in many, many sports. While I realize many people wouldn’t classify soccer as a speed/power sport in a classically defined sense, but theContinue reading “Improving Strength and Power in the Weightroom”

Nordic Hamstring Exercise and Associated Muscle Architecture Changes

There’s an ungodly amount of data and published research that shows hamstring strains are among the top injuries in sport. Reviews cover that introduction over and over so I’ll save you the few minutes of reading another intro and skip over to the meat of this blog. If you do want to get a quick introContinue reading “Nordic Hamstring Exercise and Associated Muscle Architecture Changes”