Research: Maximal Speed as a Protective Mechanism

At Orlando City SC, we have an MLS team, an NWSL team, and a USL team. The great thing about this is that we have a lot of personnel to share ideas among the teams. The men’s assistant fitness coach passed this research paper along to me and it backs up the idea that I wroteContinue reading “Research: Maximal Speed as a Protective Mechanism”

Improving Strength and Power in the Weightroom

I feel like this topic has been written about hundreds of times, but I really think with all of the information and content on the internet, misinformation is at an all-time high in many, many sports. While I realize many people wouldn’t classify soccer as a speed/power sport in a classically defined sense, but theContinue reading “Improving Strength and Power in the Weightroom”

The Need for Maximal Velocities in Training

I’m big on speed for soccer. I don’t know a player or a coach that wouldn’t want to be faster or have their team be faster. In many practice scenarios though, players don’t get exposure to maximal intensity / maximal velocity sprints. If players don’t see regular (1-2x week) exposure to maximal velocity in practice, it can cause a couple things to happen…