Identifying Peak Running Demands from GPS & Why Black Magic is Bogus

GPS has become more and more mainstream in professional sports. The combination of improvement in technology, as well as reduction of cost over time, has made these systems more accessible to most pro and college teams. I think using GPS is team sport is important because training is too hectic and there is no otherContinue reading “Identifying Peak Running Demands from GPS & Why Black Magic is Bogus”

Training Setups for the Substitute Player

Most of the weekly training schemes we see are planned around the starting 11. While, of course, it’s important for training weeks to be planned with the intention of the team’s starting players being the most prepared (or least fatigued) on match days, but if substitute players aren’t handled differently, this can quickly become anContinue reading “Training Setups for the Substitute Player”

How to Create a Session Load Predictor

In team sports it is now commonplace to have GPS wearables and different camera systems to track specific metrics such as distance covered, high intensity runs, etc. This has become a great tool in the ability to monitor a team of athletes much more closely than what was once not possible. With this GPS dataContinue reading “How to Create a Session Load Predictor”

What A Week Of Our Daily Dashboard Looks Like

A daily dashboard should be the place you can get an overview of the most important metrics in one quick glance. What is important to some teams, may not be as important to others. We are using the Catapult GPS system and while I could create a bunch of different charts to see the sameContinue reading “What A Week Of Our Daily Dashboard Looks Like”