Nordic Hamstring Lowers – A Magic Pill? [Part 2]

After 7 years of letting this old blog collect dust on the bookshelf of the internet, I wanted to share some additional thoughts. Nordics aren’t magic, they are convenient. They are convenient due to their low technical barrier [everyone can do them with little instruction]. They are convenient in a group setting because you don’tContinue reading “Nordic Hamstring Lowers – A Magic Pill? [Part 2]”

How to Build Squat Stands for $30

For what squat stands are and what they function as, they are generally pretty expensive to buy from a manufacturer. The cost of the stands plus shipping will probably set you back at least a few hundred bucks. This DIY alternative, assuming you already have a few tools, only costs ~$30 and accomplishes the sameContinue reading “How to Build Squat Stands for $30”

Financial Advice from a Performance Coach

I think many in the performance profession love their jobs… or used to. Some that loved it, now see it as a burden or are too burnt out to keep going. The gripes of many individuals in the profession are performance / S&C roles are low paying, there is a lack of job security atContinue reading “Financial Advice from a Performance Coach”

Quick Thoughts: 004 – Embedded Testing

Embedded testing is something that has been getting a bit more attention in the previous years, but sometimes seems like it’s misconstrued a bit. Or at least it seems that way to me. Embedded testing does not mean performing a test over and over and over again every week or every session. Embedded testing isContinue reading “Quick Thoughts: 004 – Embedded Testing”

Quick Thoughts: 003 – Likability more important than good coaching?

I saw a twitter poll the other day that posed a question along the lines of: What is the most important metric / quality that a performance coach should poses that determines whether they should be rehired? Injury rate / availability Physical improvements Game data / metrics Likability (Coaches and Athletes) I knew I shouldContinue reading “Quick Thoughts: 003 – Likability more important than good coaching?”

Quick Thoughts: 002 – Sprint Drills

Sprint drills are a common choice in warmups as they suffice for the general rules of thumb of a warmup if placed toward the end: general to specific, small to large ROM, and low to relatively higher intensity, but sprint drills can be much more than a basic warmup exercise. Sprint drills such as highContinue reading “Quick Thoughts: 002 – Sprint Drills”

Quick Thoughts: 001 – Home Base

One idea I’ve had in my head for a while is to start a blog series of short and to the point thoughts. These “Quick Thoughts” will hopefully be much shorter than traditional posts, but longer than Twitter’s maximum character limit of 280. Posts will be about random thoughts, ideas, and opinions brought about byContinue reading “Quick Thoughts: 001 – Home Base”

How to Improve Decision Making

It’s been quite a while since I have written any original content (well, there’s not that much content that is truly original, but you know what I mean). You ever feel like you just don’t have much to add to the conversation or that you’re just re-writing what you or someone else has written inContinue reading “How to Improve Decision Making”

Identifying Peak Running Demands from GPS & Why Black Magic is Bogus

GPS has become more and more mainstream in professional sports. The combination of improvement in technology, as well as reduction of cost over time, has made these systems more accessible to most pro and college teams. I think using GPS is team sport is important because training is too hectic and there is no otherContinue reading “Identifying Peak Running Demands from GPS & Why Black Magic is Bogus”

Moving Beyond Submaximal Slow Eccentrics

The term eccentric overload gets tossed around so much that it seems that some are labeling anything eccentric regardless of load or anything that is done on a flywheel device as “eccentric overload”. In reality, most eccentrics done in the weight room are not eccentric overload at all. The term eccentric overload should only beContinue reading “Moving Beyond Submaximal Slow Eccentrics”