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What We Do

We Get Athletes Better. Period.

Whether in season or off season, we have you covered. We work with you to determine what the missing pieces are

During in season periods, our core emphasis is on speed, power, and strength development as these are the underpinning qualities that many high performing athletes have in common.

Whatever sport, whether you need in-season or off-season training, we have you covered.

Who We Are

With more than a decade in various sport performance roles, John Grace has coached youth developmental athletes to world champions and everything in between. He has mentored under and worked alongside some of the finest performance coaches in the profession. This unique combination of experience and education is difficult to find in the vast majority of coaches.

Individual Training
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General Training Plan
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Sample Training Plans


Fricassée of Wild Mushrooms
Braised wild mushrooms served withseaweed and liquid nitrogen


Coq au Vin d’Alsace
Chicken cooked in Riesling with onions, mushrooms and herbs


Pumpkin Soufflé
With bourbon, cinnamon and molasses sauce

Why We’re Different


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