How to Improve Decision Making

It’s been quite a while since I have written any original content (well, there’s not that much content that is truly original, but you know what I mean).

You ever feel like you just don’t have much to add to the conversation or that you’re just re-writing what you or someone else has written in the past?

…Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, I was turned on to the Invest Like the Best podcast by one of our players a while back and have been cherry-picking a lot of the old episodes. Next to human performance, business and investing are topics that are most interesting to me. This episode was interesting enough for me to want to pass it along.

As a bonus, this episode features professional poker player Annie Duke (I used to watch the World Series of Poker on ESPN as a kid for hours at a time).

There are some really nice parallels to working in sport and more specifically working sport where navigating bias and beliefs and making good interdepartmental decisions is a daily task.

Take a listen:

Direct link to iTunes podcast HERE.

Direct link to website version HERE.

Published by John Grace

John is a performance coach, specializing in the development of speed, power, and strength, with experience coaching in professional soccer at the national and international level and in weightlifting at the junior, university, and senior national level and masters international level. Along with this professional and national level coaching, he has coached athlete's in a variety of semi-professional sports as well as Division I, II, and III athletics. With more than a decade of extensive coaching experience, he aims to provide an unparalleled training experience.

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